Whether you are a man or a women or what kind of genetics you have, chances are you have that ONE stubborn muscle group that seems to lag behind the rest. Some guys have great genetics but can’t seem to grow their arms.


Some women have a slim stomach but can’t seem to grow the booty. I’ve come up with 4 clever tricks on how to bring up lagging body parts in today’s article!


These rules apply to both men and women and I know you are going to get a ton out of this one. Whenever I am training a weak point I incorporate these 4 rules and I always have awesome results in 2 months or less.


Pick one lagging muscle group over the next 60 days and incorporate these 4 hacks into your training.


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  1. New Ways to Train it!


The worst thing you can do to train a lagging body part is the same exercises over and over again. Your body is really stubborn and if you keep doing the same exercise you will find yourself in a training slump.


A new exercise brings in new angles, different muscle stimulus, and an increased enthusiasm to workout a lagging muscle group!


Have you ever tried a brand new exercise and found that you are more sore the following day? This is because working out a muscle group in a different way is a surefire way to fire up new muscle fibers and stimulate growth!


If your quadriceps simply aren’t growing from doing regular barbell squats and lunges I can promise you that adding in Leg Extension, front squats, or db. Step-ups will shock them into growth!


Between Youtube and Google, you can find literally hundreds of exercises for every single muscle group!


Try new exercise for the next few months and you will be shocked how this simple hack speeds up growth and gives you those newbie gains all over again!



  1. Advanced Training Techniques


Now that you are incorporating new exercises into your regimen its time to implement some advanced training techniques into the regimen!


A few of my favorite advanced training regimens to speed up growth are FST-7 and Rest: Pause!


FST-7 incorporates something called “fascial stretch training” and you perform 7 total sets in the 8-12 rep range with only 30-45 seconds rest between sets. This is practiced by Several top level fitness pros and it works! By stretching the fascial tissue you give your muscles greater potential for growth. This Is a fantastic way to shock the body into growth.


Rest: Pause sets mean you are starting off with a pretty heavy weight and you perform somewhere in the 6-8 rep range until failure. Instead of taking a full rest you will ONLY rest 20 seconds and you will perform another set until failure, either with the same weight and going in burn out!



  1. More Volume + Progressive Overload


Once you have picked the core exercises that you will be doing over the next few months its important that you follow the #1 training rule of all time – progressive overload!


Its not enough to just go in the gym and perform new exercises and expect amazing results. You also have to increase the weight you are lifting from one workout to the next!


Keep a workout log and make sure to keep track of your weight and reps and put a huge emphasis on improving from 1 workout to the next! This is what progressive overload is all about!


The other thing is the amount of volume you are placing on the muscle. As your body starts to adapt try to include extra sets each workout or each week onto the muscle group to shock it into growth in another way.


The combination of more volume + progressive overload will yield tremendous results in combination with the other tips!



  1. High Carb Day on Lagging Training Day


This article so far has been all about training techniques but we can’t underestimate the importance of nutrition in all of this!


Remember, insulin and carbohydrates can be highly anabolic so its best to save your highest carbohydrate day for your lagging body part training day. No sense putting in all of this hard work into your training if you are on a crazy low carb day and don’t fuel your hard-working muscles for optimal growth and recovery!


Try to bump up the carbs a bit on your lagging body part days and make sure at the very least to get in a good amount of carbs pre workout and post workout for maximum anabolic growth!


The carbohydrates will help shuttle the amino acids into the muscle cell and will be perfect for sparking new growth after your advanced training session.


If you are normally eating 200 grams of carbohydrates, try bumping it up at least 50% to 300 grams of carbs on your “lagging muscle group” days, or you could also have your cheat meals on these days for a similar effect.



I hope these 4 hacks helped! Please keep me posted how these 4 tips help you build up your lagging body parts over the next 60 days!