Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but if you have a different schedule, feel free to change the days.

Yes, rest is vital for growth/recovery – please allow 1-2 rest days per week.

In the designated rep range, with good form around 90% (1-2) reps before failure, if it's easy go heavier, if it's to heavy drop the weight; no ego lifting.

That's fine, just substitute with another exercise, exercise selection is not as important as total training volume.

Example: Plate loaded chest press FOR barbell bench press.

Firstly, see a specialist to make sure the issue isn't going to impend you, you don't want to make it worse so just rest, if you can train the other muscle groups do so.

Welcome to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) – this is a natural inflammatory
response, to a new stimulus it's completely normal, the more training experience you have the less this will occur.

That's fine, just train that muscle the following day, or when you can next get into the gym.

Each exercise is numbered, start with the lowest number (1), and follow the exercise list down.

A superset is doing a set, then having no rest break and doing another set, with a different exercise.

A drop set is doing a set, going to failure then dropping the weight (on the same exercise) and doing another set.

Listen to your body, but know the difference between being sore and being over trained, doing a one hour weight session generally won't lead to an over trained state, but if your incredibly burnt out, take a rest.

I have a video guide library, of myself demonstrating most exercises.
This is new, and still being updated; Youtube is also a great source for a visual
understanding, if my library doesn't have it.

Dietary FAQ

With a digital kitchen scale, using the gram measurement (g).

No, unless you are experienced at counting your calories, then if the macros/calories are the same it's fine.

On the grand scheme of things no, just consume all your food before you sleep.

Yes, you may break your meals up into smaller portions so they are easier to eat, OR eat your first meal earlier.

Mix it up, you have a few options, mix and match your protein, carb and fat source. Use calorie free seasonings, sauces and toppings .

Just eat it as soon as you can.

This is caused by water, food, digestion, glycogen and stool; This is why weighing yourself daily is not suggested, and only take your weight in the AM upon waking up, after using the bathroom – This is completely normal and happens to everyone.

Yes that is fine, just make sure to eat all the designated food on the plan.

No. Anything you add, that isn't accounted for such as toppings, high calorie sauces, cooking butters/oils, liquids (milk, juice etc) Will be extra calories, this may lead to you over eating and put you into a caloric surplus (gaining phase) or even at maintenance; this will hinder your progress dramatically.

Keep yourself honest/accountable.

My workouts take approx. one hour to complete.

Only consume the shakes on your plan, no more.

Yes but it's not advised, as training with higher blood nutrient levels will allow for more energy.

Zero Sugar (calorie free) sodas are fine to consume

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