Home Workout vs Gym Workout – Whats best for you ?

Working out at home and working out at a gym both have advantages and disadvantages. You simply need to familiarise yourself with both the pros and cons of working out at each place and then use that knowledge to see which fits into who you are and what would work best for you.

Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of each



  • Social atmosphere – having other people around is great for motivation and encouragement, it also helps if you need a spot
  • Variety of equipment – there will always be something free and if not you can always improvise.
  • Guidance – personal trainers or gym goers with abundant knowledge are always happy to help if you have a question or need assistance


  • Privacy – for anyone starting out it can be intimidating going to the gym, this is not a problem at home
  • Choice of cost – you can buy as little or as much equipment as your budget allows, the choice is yours
  • No waiting for equipment/machines – unless you have a whole family of 10 working out in your garage gym it is unlikely you will have to wait to use equipment



  • Social atmosphere – it can be very easy to get distracted in the gym which could mean you don't make the most of your session, and gains being hindered is no joke.
  • Waiting – some nights/days the gym can get so busy you may have to wait to be able to use what you want


  • No guidance – if you’re ever unsure of an exercise or proper technique there may not be anyone to ask, but you can always rely on YouTube.
  • Equipment is expensive – things like dumbbells/kettle bells/resistance bands are cheap, but the more you progress the more equipment you may want, and the sorts of equipment that is available at the gym can be very expensive.
  • No social atmosphere – you need to rely on yourself for motivation, which can be hard at times

Determine your goals! If you plan on becoming the next Phil Heath then more than likely a workout using your kettle bells and resistance bands at home isn't going to cut it. But if your goal is to become active and healthy then at home workouts would be fine.

Having a social atmosphere can make a very big difference to certain people. For example, you may look at a particular person at the gym and use that person as your motivation. Or you may look at that person and feel embarrassed or demotivated. You may feel good in a gym by the way others look at you or you may feel bad.

Equipment is expensive and buying it for your house can work out to quite a large sum. More expensive than it would be for a one year membership at a gym. You also have a wider variety of choices at a gym. For example a some gyms have a pool as well as most of the workout equipment out there. But with saying this, doing home workouts with nothing but your floor, wall, garden, pool or tree is just as good as well. The main thing is that youre doing SOMETHING.

Guidance. Knowing how to use the machines correctly or how to perform exercises the right way is also of great importance. Not only to get the most out of the exercise for your training but for your safety as well. It is most common for people to damage both the machine and themselves while training incorrectly.

So in essence, you need to decide if working out at home is best for you or if the gym has all your answers. Weigh out the pros and  cons and go with your gut feeling. Try it and if you find you don't think its working, try the other option. No harm will come to you by trying out both. In fact, it may just give you a broader understanding and help with your final decision.

One thing that must just be constant: Stay active!

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