I get a lot of questions about supplements and why specific products are good for “shredding” vs. “lean bulking.”


Since I know that many of you are shredding right now and on a fat loss plan I wanted to share with you what supplements to take for getting ripped and the science behind exactly how they work.


I find this to be really important as you should know and understand what you are putting in your body.


I want to be completely transparent in this article and tell you what supplements I take to get ripped and lose body fat quickly. I have used the same approach for years and this is because it works and is science backed.


This article is for everyone who wants to know the best supplements to get ripped and exactly how they work in your body!


Important note: Obviously a “fat loss stack” will be highly effective for getting shredded, but I wanted to dive into the “not so obvious list” as their are 5 specific supplements that I take when I’m shredding besides a fat loss stack that give me awesome results and all serve a specific purpose.


Let’s dive in…


Top 5 Best Supplements To Get Ripped:

1. Delicious Tasting Whey Protein


A delicious tasting whey protein is one of the most versatile additions to your shredding diet as it will give you kitchen versatility to whip up healthy desserts and delicious tasting protein shakes.


I have a lot of healthy dessert recipes on my site that incorporate protein powder into the recipe, and they taste literally identical to the real dessert!


Some of the recipes over the years have blown me away, and if you enjoy baking, incorporating a whey protein into the mix can be a great strategy to curb cravings.


If you aren’t a baker, you can also mix a delicious whey protein with almond or coconut milk and ice for a highly delicious low calorie and high protein shake.


My two personal favorites are 1Up Nutrition’s white chocolate mint and Banana Caramel twist.


The reason is simple. They taste like dessert and 1 scoop is less than 150 total calories! Protein is the most important macro-nutrient when you are on a fat loss diet, and these shakes give my body optimal protein and quick meal replacements while satisfying my sweet tooth!


Use my code RYAN20 when ordering from 1up to save 20-40%.

2. Pre Workout


When it comes to burning fat really quick the biggest X factor in the world is your workout intensity! When you are dieting and limiting your total calories it can make it really tough to keep your workout intensity at its peak.


This is where pre-workout comes in handy!


A good pre-workout drink will increase your workout intensity, calories burned during your workout, and calories burned AFTER your workout!


On top of this it will increase your blood flow and delivery valuable amino acids to your hard working muscles, and in many cases even increase your strength on many compound lifts.


I’m a huge fan of pre-workout and my personal favorite is 1Up for men which contains up to 8 grams of L Citrulline and 500 total mg. of caffeine if you are crazy enough to take 2 scoops (aka the maximum dose!)


For Men:



They also make 1Up for Women which contains a specific ingredient profile perfect for women who are trying to burn fat and have different requirements than men.


For Woman:



Make sure you select a pre-workout with at least 4 grams of L Citrulline and 250 mg. of caffeine per serving. This combination is actually pretty rare to find in most pre workouts as many will have low amounts of L Citrulline as it costs a lot of money.


This is why I recommend 1Up Nutrition’s pre workout drink – as it contains the maximum amount of the best active ingredients!


Remember to use my discount code RYAN20 to save 20-40% on any 1up products.


3. L-carnitine


L-carnitine is one of my favorite fat burning supplements of all time.


What L-carnitine does increase your energy levels and also destroys your fat by forcing your body to use dietary fat and your fat cells as an energy source instead of storing them.


This is one of the most awesome fat burning ingredients of all time as you get increased energy and fat mobilization at once.


Whenever I am shredding I will include L-Carnitine into my stack as I get a major energy boost when taking it and it destroys your fat very quickly.


I recommend 1Up Nutrition’s L-Carnitine 3000 as it contains 2x the L-carnitine as most brands. Click here to take a look.


4. BCAA’s + Glutamine


I put these two supplements together because they work together to boost muscle recovery and growth during a shredding diet. BCAA’s and glutamine are essential for maximum recovery anytime you are in a calorie deficit.


By taking BCAA’s between meals or anytime you skip a meal you will help your body preserve muscle mass and keep your metabolism churning. BCAA’s contain your body’s most important amino acids for muscle preservation, growth, and recovery.


L-glutamine is your body’s most important amino acid for recovery and anytime your body is under stress such as when you are dieting you put your body at risk of lowering its immune system and slowing down overall muscle recovery.


Most people don’t realize that L-Glutamine is the most common amino acid in your muscles. Therefore, using it assists in muscle building and protein synthesis.


My favorite shredding supplement of all time is 1Up Nutrition’s all in one BCAA + Glutamine + Joint Repair.


It's got 6 grams of BCAA and 2.5 grams of L-Glutamine on top of joint repair in EACH serving.


To me, it’s the most important supplement on the list for overall muscle recovery and repair during a shredding diet and comes with the added bonus of having joint repair.


To buy a BCAA, Glutamine Supplement, and Join repair supplement all individually can get expensive – so this solution is not only convenient but saves you a ton of money!


Click here for 1Ups all in one BCAA supplement.



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