Nothing says you are shredded and aesthetic more than a pair of defined lower abs.


Typically, around 10-12 percent body fat the upper abs start popping through, but it takes a lot more of an effort to get those defined lower abs.


I’m going to write this article from the perspective that you are already relatively lean (at least 12-13 percent body fat at the maximum.)


If you have way more body fat than this I encourage you to check out my other content or sign up for my 12-week shred plan that way you can get within range to see those lower abs.


So you’ve already done the hard part! You’ve gotten your upper abs (or at least close to it) to pop through and you are ready to take your fat loss regimen to the next level!


Let’s dive into 3 tips for getting those ever so elusive lower abs to pop out of your skin!



  1. Hydrate Like a Genius


The thing about getting lower abs is you need to be extremely healthy and hydrated. Let me explain.


Step 1 is to get from say 12-13% body fat to about 7-8 percent body fat. During this time you are going to need to drink a TON of water and hydrate like a shredding genius.


It's no easy feat to get those lower abs and hydration has to be your best friend.


Drinking 1-2 gallons of water per day ensures that your body won’t retain much water, and also flushes out all the toxins from your body so you can stay energetic and healthy while you are taxing your body emotionally and physically (which is what happens when you are dieting)


Another thing that it does is keeps you full. Try this trick. Every time you are really hungry try drinking a big glass of water and watch how full you get!


Now that we have the water covered let’s talk about a few little hacks to keep you full in between meals so you eat less calories.


You HAVE to create a caloric deficit for at least 4-8 weeks to get shredded lower abs.


One of the best tricks of all time is to drink a ton of carbonated water in between meals. Make sure you buy the kind that is naturally sweetened with no artificial sweetener or sugar or just plain old club soda does the job.


Sip on some delicious and refreshing lemon-lime club soda and you will find you are really full between meals and you also eat less calories during your main meals.


Besides water and carbonated water – another trick is plain coffee with cinnamon and matcha green tea.


These are natural metabolism boosters and will also do a great job of keeping your full and boosting your energy.


Here is a quick recap:


Drink 1-2 gallons of water per day

Drink club soda between meals or any kind of flavored carbonated water

Drink plain black coffee with cinnamon

Drink Matcha Green Tea


STAY AWAY from all forms of liquid calories. Seriously – NEVER drink calories in the form of liquid. Save all your calories for your actual meals.



  1. Compound + HIIT


One of the most powerful fat loss workout regimens that have personally helped me go from 10-11% body fat to competition shredded with ripped lower abs is HIIT + Compound exercises.


Just about every single day either do a compound exercise movement or HIIT training.


HIIT training is such an incredible form of fat burning cardio and is the fat loss recipe that I give out in the 3 Day Diet.


Compound exercises in the weight room work your body’s largest and strongest muscle groups. While this is obviously great for muscle building, it can be even better for fat loss!


By training your largest muscle groups with maximum overload movements like squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, and rowing – you are burning way more calories than any other form of exercise.


While these forms of exercise are intense – if you can find a way to incorporate 1 or the other for 5-6 days of the week you will see incredible progress towards sculpting your lower abs.



  1. Fat Burners


I’m not going to lie. I always take some type of fat burner when I’m trying to get ripped lower abs. Taking a powerful fat loss stack is extra insurance and allows you to burn more calories and boost your energy when you are already in a caloric deficit from training and dieting.


My personal favorite is the 1up Nutrition Male Fat Loss Stack, but if you want to keep it simple you can also see great results from L-Carnitine and a powerful pre-workout.


If you want to see the fastest results possible I recommend taking a pre workout, BCAA supplement, and fat loss stack all in the same day.


The fat loss stack will help you shred fat and burn extra calories all day long while shutting down your appetite.


The pre-workout will allow you to train at maximum intensity even when you are in a caloric deficit, thus helping you maintain all your hard-earned muscle mass and burn more calories and fat during your workout.


The BCAA supplement is essential to have between meals so you can maintain your muscle mass when in a caloric deficit.


You can use the code “RYAN20” and get 20% off of all these products.


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  1. Know your Deficit


One of the most important factors is you 100% need to know how many calories you should be consuming each day while you are dieting. Losing fat is as simple as creating that deficit.


These 3 tips above are going to help you get their so much easier, but its still up to you to do your homework and figure out your macros.


If you need help or are unsure how to do this, you can CLICK HERE and see if I have any spots left in my 8-week or 12-week shred program.


Once you dial in your macros its as simple as hitting that number each day.


Keep it balanced and do 30-40 percent of your calories from protein, 30 from carbs, and the rest from healthy fats.


There is no need to go on some crazy keto or zero carb diet to get lower abs. if you are in a caloric deficit and you follow the other 3 tips above YOU WILL get lower abs. Its just a matter of time.


As a general rule of thumb you can apply the 80/20 rule – and 20% of your diet can be somewhat “dirty” if you want to satisfy your cravings.


The beauty of knowing your deficit is you can pretty much eat whatever you want. Just make sure to pay attention to how your body responds to certain foods.



Hope you enjoyed this article! I wanted to put together a list of some outside the box hacks to help you guys get lower abs.


Make sure to connect with me inside the Facebook Private group if you have any questions or comments!